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Covid-19 Important Links

Corporate Worship Meetings:
  • Sunday Service will now be on-site at 8:30 am
  • Sunday Service on-line at 8:30 am - https://facebook.com/midrandchapel/live                                                       
  • Prayer - 5:00pm Sundays: https://rb.gy/dli7uv (meeting ID:881-4515-3008)
  • Password for Zoom meetings: “chapel" (please don’t give this out to strangers)
Online forms:
Bible Study Zoom groups
Protocol for Zoom meetings:
  • Click the link and you will be taken to an online waiting room from where the host will let you in to the meeting (if you have not downloaded Zoom before you will be prompted to do so before entering the meeting).
  • Alternatively you can join from the web interface (web address: https://zoom.us/join) or open Zoom and enter the meeting ID provided and password to join. 
  • The password, if requested, for all church meetings is “chapel.” Please don’t give this out to strangers.
  • Please mute your audio and only unmute when you intend to speak, this reduces the background noise.
  • Please make sure you Zoom name allows the host to identify you as we will only allow identifiable members/ adherents into the meeting.
  • The host will explain how the meetings will work, but generally you will be split into smaller “breakout rooms” of 3-6 people to allow you to chat/pray in a manageable size group. You will receive a request on Zoom to join a breakout room, please accept this request.
  • After 5-10 minutes you will receive a notification in Zoom that the host intends to end your breakout room. Normally you have 1 minute to finish up your discussions/prayers before being brought back into the main meeting. The host will give further instructions before breaking you out into smaller groups again. Feel free to leave meetings or break-out rooms at any time.